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Eastern region ccsc east

26th Annual Eastern Conference 2010
October 15 and 16, 2010   Juniata College, Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
Getting There is Half the Fun

K-12 Participant and Attendee Information


The CCSC Easter Region welcomes participants and attendees from K-12 education. We are planning to have at least one track of interest to K-12 educators at each session on Friday, October 15 and hope that you will participate to make those connections between K-12 and undergraduate technology education.

Please check back to this link as we get closer to the conference for more information concerning activities for the K-12 community at CCSCE 2010.

John, Jerry, and Bill, CCSCE2010 Co-Chairs

Need more information? Wondering how you can contribute to the conference? Please contact:

Kathy Jones, Juniata College - K-12 Chair
The conference co-chairs - Bill Thomas, Jerry Kruse, or John Wright

Thank you!

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Last Modified: 20 July 2010